Getting ready…

Today’s the day! I leave for the airport in a couple hours. If I start thinking too much, I realize there are so many other things I could have done to prepare and so many people I still wanted to see before I left, but now that it’s too late to do anymore, I can actually relax.

My flight will be a long, stop-and-go process – it goes from Colorado Springs to Denver to Los Angeles to Incheon. I’m kind of curious to see what kind of people are flying from Colorado Springs to Denver. People like me I guess. At LAX I should be able to find other Fulbright ETAs so I’ll have company for the long flight (dubbed the #PartyPlane).

Before I leave, I wanted to write a post about my expectations – something I can look back on this time next year. I’m sure a lot will change, but here’s what’s at the forefront of my mind now:


1. I’m so so so excited! I can’t wait to just be in Korea for the first time and experience as much as possible!

2. This trip will have a lot of firsts. I’ll be meeting my Korean extended family for the first time (since that time when I was in diapers doesn’t count).

3. Food. Me? Worried about the food? Ha! But maybe the spiciness.

Potential Negatives:

1. Spiders. I’m kind of dreading this a lot. Hopefully my orientation roommate isn’t afraid of them.

2. Humidity. Nothing serious, but definitely a big adjustment for a Colorado native.

3. Actually teaching. I keep having the realization that, oh yeah, I’m going to Korea to teach. And I don’t really know how to do that. I also wonder how my voice will hold out, since after 3 Writing Center appointments in a row (45 minutes each) where I’m the one reading aloud, my throat starts to hurt.


1. Become fluent in Korean. Well maybe not in a year. Logically, I know my Korean is pretty basic, but in my mind, I project an overly confident idea of my skill level.

2. Learn how to teach. Which will happen one way or another.

3. Absorb culture. Experience everything.

4. Meet my extended family! My grandparents and three aunts live throughout the country (with my uncle currently in India). As of now, I wouldn’t be able to hold a normal conversation with them, so learning Korean quickly is extra important.

I’m sure I’ll have more specific goals later on, and/or a bucket list.


Nothing left to do but go!


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