Infusion Release

This week the newest edition of Infusion, Fulbright Korea’s literary magazine, was released online. This time the magazine features pieces from an ETA alumni and a Fulbright researcher, as well as a beautiful piece of fiction. (Okay, I might be a little biased since I worked with the author.) I am an editor for the magazine, and as we use a blind submission process (monitors scrub submissions for any identifying information before we read them), I submitted a piece as well.

“Weary of Warfare” is about the Ferguson decision. It went through many transformations before I submitted, as I tried to condense and articulate the emotions I felt as an American so far removed from the event, but so deeply invested – and powerless. The piece continued to evolve during the editing process, as I tried to figure what I needed to say. The events of Ferguson were for me (and thankfully many other Americans) connected to other events – a bigger picture. In addition to my experiences in college, I connected the experience to my work as a teacher in Korea. I hope you can enjoy, empathize or simply find it interesting.

You can read this edition here, the newest edition here or go straight to my piece on the website here.

FergusonPoliceTroll_0blank UncleSamTroll_0blank

A big part of how I coped during this time was through art. In drawing I could process, react, or simply be doing something. Here are some of pieces I did – angry, troll-faced protest memes that capture another side of my reaction. I leave you with these.

FergusonPoliceTroll_3ohwait FergusonPoliceTroll_2black FergusonPoliceTroll_1handsup

UncleSamTroll_4colorblind UncleSamTroll_3racething UncleSamTroll_1blackfriendUncleSamTroll_5accident


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