Ga Ram’s Wedding (5/23/15)

It’s a good year to be in Korea. This year not one, but two of my cousins got married – the first on my mother’s side of the family to do so. So on May 23rd, I attended my second Korean wedding.



That Saturday I took a bus to Changwon, meeting two aunts, one uncle-in-law, and three cousins at the Changwon bus terminal before we walked together to MM Wedding Castle, aka the wedding hall. This time we had a clear view of the ceremony – no annoying pillar in front of the bride’s family like last time.



Memorable moments included my cousin Lan and his girlfriend performing a dance…


…and Ga Ram crying…a lot! The tears began when her father walked her down the aisle, and reappeared in bursts throughout the ceremony. Her tears were contagious, and while I teared up but held it in, there were a lot of eyes being dabbed and sniffles at my table.

20150523_123758      20150523_131524

Afterwards I rode back to Busan with my cousin Ye Rim, her husband and family to see my grandparents. My aunt’s family from Seoul was also staying there for the night, so we had a dinner of kimchi jjigae (stew) together before I headed back home to Gimhae.


My youngest aunt Bok Sun, cousin Ga Ram, and eldest aunt Myeong Suk


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