Infusion 9.2 and Final Dinner 2016

The second edition of Infusion was just released! We received the print edition at Final Dinner and you can now read it online here.

Final Dinner this year passed by somewhat uneventfully – perhaps since I’ve done it before – although this was my final Final Dinner. It was great to see everyone again, but perhaps it hasn’t completely hit me that I’m leaving. In an attempt to stay productive and simply enjoy my time here, my emotions are still locked down.

We had our dinner at the Yongsan Army base, which always feels like a miniature American city smack dab in the middle of Seoul. There are more details about the dinner here, in an article written by the Fulbright Korea Alumni Relations committee.

final dinner 2016

We look surprisingly compact for 127 people.

Being at the end of a period inevitably brings reflection about the beginning. Remember one of, if not the biggest reason I wanted to teach English in Korea? To meet my extended family. For the first time.

I’ve blogged about my first Chuseok with my Korean family, but I had a lot more to process. And now you can read a more refined, selective version of my thoughts in a piece published in this edition of Infusion.

You can find the piece through the Infusion link above or directly here. I’m happy to say that my writing is featured alongside my art, a piece depicting my grandfather titled “Avid Reader.”

I hope you enjoy this and the many other talented pieces in Infusion. Although I may be biased, I can confidently say this edition is an absolutely wonderful read.





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