TOPIK II Result: A Real Answer

So no, I didn’t pass the TOPIK II, which wasn’t a surprise as I completely bombed the writing section. What happened was I didn’t understand a keyword in the main essay prompt. I understood everything BUT the keyword, so I racked my brains trying to figure out a way to answer, but in the end there was nothing I could do. It felt really depressing to just stare at an empty answer sheet, so I wrote anyway, admitting what I didn’t understand and following the structure of the prompt, but on a different topic. Maybe I could get a few points for the language and grammar, I thought. But it doesn’t look like the graders agreed.

47th TOPIK Result_crop

Ta-da! Scores! (More like whomp whomp…)

It feels strange to share my scores…but there’s no particular reason for me to keep them private either and a lot of language bloggers seem to share too. So this is what it looks like when you don’t get any points for the main essay. 14%…

Each section is scored out of 100 points, although the number of questions was writing: 4, reading: 50, and writing: 50. 어휘/문법 (vocabulary/grammar) isn’t scored – I think it’s just a remnant from the previous test format and not a reflection on my pathetic writing.

I’m actually satisfied to see that I scored at least 40% on both listening and readying – enough to pass level 3 if my writing had also been up to par! Ah!

It’s not likely that I’ll be taking the TOPIK again anytime soon – I’d have to be back in Korea or living at least in the same state as a test center – but I do plan to continue studying Korean.

Here’s to passing someday!